Custom Rubber Products & Manufacturing

For over 70 years, Thomas A. Caserta, Inc. has been supplying standard and custom made rubber products to businesses in many industries around the world. Our capabilities include a variety of production volumes, from prototyping to high-volume orders. We work with a variety of natural and synthetic rubber materials and our product line includes many types of rubber components.

Made in the USA Rubber Products


Caserta supplies bushings, washers, and other products of the highest quality made with EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), VitonĀ®, silicone, custom rubber materials, and more.

  • Rubber washers are extensively used in plumbing, HVAC systems, and all kinds of machines and appliances that process fluids. Sealing washers prevent leakage of fluids while cushioning washers dampen vibrations and reduce noise in machines. Silicone washers are available in varying diameters, thicknesses, and hardness.
  • Rubber gaskets form a seal between the parts in a joint. Gaskets can take many shapes to match the contours of the joint. Gasket seals are typically cut from stock rubber sheets, with the method of cutting varying based on application requirements.
  • Rubber bushings dampen vibrations to reduce wear and tear of machine parts and mitigate noise. Rubber bushes are flexible, easy to install, and eliminate the need for lubrication, making them ideal for many industries and applications.
  • Rubber tubing and cords are used in many industries including aerospace, construction, electronics, and medical. Tubing and cords are typically produced via the extrusion process, which is highly customizable.
  • Silicone tubing is used in industries such as automotive, dairy, food and beverage, and medical. The transparency of silicone rubber tubes makes them suitable for applications like intravenous drips where the fluid flow needs to be observed or monitored by humans. Just like rubber tubing, silicone tubing can be custom made to suit the needs of the application.

At Caserta, we frequently supply rubber components to OEMs and other businesses across industries. We can provide standard rubber products or customize them for unique applications.


Caserta employs a variety of manufacturing techniques to create rubber products. These include several cutting methods for both standard and custom products. The main cutting techniques used by Caserta include:

  • Die cutting is a low-cost technique that can mass produce parts with strict tolerances. It is easy to set up and allows for design changes without incurring significant tooling costs. At Caserta, we use steel rule die cutting and high-speed rotary die cutting for the prototyping and mass production of gaskets, washers, and other rubber products.
  • Extrusion molding is an inexpensive manufacturing process that can produce a large volume of parts with tight tolerances. It is very useful in producing parts with complicated cross-sections. Caserta uses extruders with advanced control systems and barrel and screw designs.
  • High-speed guillotine cutting is also a cost-effective manufacturing method for quickly producing a large number of parts. High speed guillotines can make right angle cuts with great precision. Caserta uses custom-built guillotine machines equipped with high-carbon steel blades and stop-and-go technology to achieve the highest efficiency and precision.
  • Lathe cutting features minimal setup costs and higher precision than die cutting. Caserta’s lathes and grinding equipment use the latest technology to fabricate rubber washers and gaskets.
  • Water jet cutting is a flexible and efficient cutting method that has the advantages of minimizing scrap. It is capable of quickly and precisely cutting thick rubber material into any shape. Water jet cutting is preferred over die cutting for working on expensive or thicker materials.

Rubber Products & Services From Caserta

Thomas A. Caserta, Inc. is ready to fulfill all your needs for standard and custom rubber products. We use the most modern equipment to fabricate parts of exceptional quality at highly competitive prices. We cater to customers from a variety of industries, which has given us a great deal of experience in producing rubber products for nearly any application. We maintain the highest level of commitment to all of our customers, regardless of size, order complexity, or geographical location.

For more information on our rubber products and services, please contact us.

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