Rubber Bushings

rubber bushing productsInstalling rubber bushings helps applications establish interfaces between two parts, and these products also dampen vibrations or excess energy. As a result, rubber bushings see many uses in manufacturing applications and finished products, including as:

  • Vibration isolators
  • Abrasion resistors
  • Shock absorbers
  • Seals for wires, pipes, and rods

At Thomas A. Caserta, we manufacture rubber bushings to precise specifications with quick turnarounds. We work with clients to determine their desired bushings’ size, shape, and composite materials, and then we machine the bushings to tight tolerances. We can construct rubber bushings from many different materials, and we build them using an array of processes that emphasize accuracy and repeatability.

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Advantages of Rubber Bushings

Using rubber bushings in your machinery and tooling comes with many advantages, including:

  • No need for lubrication: Rubber bushings remove the need to lubricate the space between two parts
  • Reduced wear on machinery (and a quieter facility): Rubber bushings prevent parts from rattling against each other, resulting in less wear and tear on your machinery as well as a safer environment for employee eardrums
  • Customizable: We can precisely tailor rubber bushings to achieve optimal performance in their end application
  • Less maintenance: Installing rubber bushings in your machinery and products results in a long, maintenance-free service life

Because rubber bushings are exceptionally flexible and easy to install, many industries and applications rely on them, such as:

  • Construction
    • Highway equipment
    • Drilling equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer appliances and goodsrubber uses in aerospace
    • Skateboards and bikes
  • Automotive
    • Shock absorber mountings
    • Gear sticks
    • Suspension systems
    • Specialized internal combustion engines
  • Electrical
  • Fastening
  • Plumbing
  • OEMs
  • Sealing applications
    • Used with wires, pipes, and tubes to act as seals

Our Custom Rubber Manufacturing Services

Thomas A. Caserta manufactures high-quality rubber bushings using cutting-edge equipment and processes, ensuring that every project results in the best possible product. Some of our services include:

  • Lathe cutting: We insert a mandrel into an extruded rubber tube and then cut the finished dimension with a knife, turning the mandrel at high speeds in a lathe
  • On-demand cutting: We custom design our on-demand cutters, outfitting them with intermittent stop-and-go technology that allows us to complete up to 800 cuts per minute
  • Water jet cutting: We use this process to cut materials into predefined shapes and sizes from sheet or roll stock
  • Hand cutting: For bushings that require a personal touch, we cut materials from stock by hand

Caserta also uses a variety of materials to manufacture rubber bushings. Each material suits a specific application and fulfills unique needs:

  • EPDM: Allows products to resist a wide range of temperature and weather extremes
  • Neoprene: A general-purpose elastomer that helps bushings resist water, oil, ozone, and mild acids
  • Nitrile: Offers excellent resistance to petroleum products
  • SBR: Helps products adhere to various substrates while boosting resilience
  • Silicone: Resists dry heat and low temperatures very well, providing the best temperature range of all elastomers
  • Viton: Resists heat, chemicals, and solvents

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