High Speed On-Demand Rubber Cutting Services

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High-speed on-demand cutting has revolutionized the way we process rubber. Thomas A. Caserta, Inc., a trusted leader in the metal industry, uses rubber cutting tools to make precision cuts faster than ever before — and with unparalleled accuracy. 

This state-of-the-art technology is designed to reduce cycle times while ensuring quality results every time. With its high-speed capabilities, this technology can cut through any material quickly and precisely, regardless of size or shape. 

Our high speed on-demand cutters are a very cost effective method of producing rubber washers and rubber gaskets. These “flying knife” type cutters cut rubber tubing into rubber washers and rubber gaskets at high production speeds with minimal waste of material.

Thomas A. Caserta, Inc. has our on-demand cutters custom made with intermittent stop-and-go technology that provides an efficient cutting process of up to 800 cuts per minute. Due to the brief stop, high length accuracy and precise right-angled cuts are achieved. Our high speed on-demand cutting services offer fast turnaround time, precise tolerance, high production volume, and prototype and short run production.

We utilize our high speed on-demand cutters to consistently produce high quality, precision cut, rubber washers, rubber gaskets, rubber bushings, rubber spacers, rubber stand-offs, and rubber discs.

Materials Used

These are the most common material but we are not limited to them:

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) - Excellent weatherability, good high and low temperature resistance, low gas permeability. Resistant to ozone, steam, water, alcohols, brake fluids. Poor resistance to petroleum oils, diester lubricants. Temperature range: -60°F to 280°F.

Neoprene - Good general purpose elastomer, with moderate oil, ozone and water resistance. Resistant to freons, high aniline points oils, mild acids. Not recommended for phosphate esters, ketones, brake fluids. Temperature range: -65°F to 260°F.

Nitrile - Excellent resistance to petroleum products, excellent compression set; resistant to oil, water, silicone greases and oils. Not recommended for halogenated hydrocarbons, ketones, ozone and sunlight. Temperature Range: -65°F to 275°F.

Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) - General purpose elastomer, good adhesion to various substrates, good abrasion resistance, good resiliince. Resistant to brake fluids, alcohols, water. Not recommended for solvents, oil/gas, sunlight. Temperature range: -65°F to 225°F.

Silicone - Best overall temperature range of elastomers currently available. Excellent resistance to dry heat, as well as, resistance to low temperature, brake fluids, high aniline point oils. Not recommended for some dynamic applications due to poor tensile strength and tear. Poor in petroleum oils and ketones. Temperature range: -150° to 500°F.

Viton® - Outstanding resistance to the effects of heat, chemicals, and solvents. Viton® has good tensile, resistance and low compression set. Limitations include poor low-temperature properties, limited hot-water resistance and shrinkage. Temperature range: -50° to 600°F.

Equipment Used
  • Calendars
  • Extruders
  • High Speed On-Demand Cutters
  • Mills
  • Vulcanizers/Autoclaves


At Thomas A. Caserta, Inc. our quality objective is to provide our customers with quality service that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations. Our highly trained and experienced production operators and strict quality control procedures enable us to consistently deliver defect-free products.

High-Speed On Demand Cutting is a revolutionary new technology that facilitates rapid rubber cutting with high-precision tools. This innovative process allows rapid and cost-effectively producing rubber parts using computer numerical control (CNC) machines.

With high-speed cutting, users can quickly and accurately cut rubber components in various shapes and sizes without sacrificing precision or quality. The system is also highly customizable, allowing users to quickly adjust parameters to achieve desired results. 

This advanced cutting technology is ideal for rubber products such as seals, gaskets, rollers, belts, valves, and treads – all requiring precise cuts for proper functioning. Hence, this is an ideal solution for businesses looking to rapidly produce highly accurate rubber parts at a fraction of the cost. 

By leveraging advanced technologies such as CNC machines, robotics, and automation software, users can quickly cut rubber components with precision – all while saving time, money, and effort. This powerful technology allows companies to maximize production output without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

High-speed cutting is an invaluable tool for a variety of industries. From aerospace to plumbing, it helps manufacturers speed up production while improving the precision and accuracy of their parts. 

-In aerospace,  high-speed cutting fabricates complex parts quickly and accurately. From aircraft wings to intricate satellite components, high-speed cutting helps manufacturers create lighter, safer parts that can withstand the rigors of flight. 

-Appliance manufacturers also rely on high-speed cutting for their products, allowing them to craft intricate shapes precisely. High-speed cutting helps manufacturers create strong and aesthetically pleasing parts, from refrigerators to microwaves. 

-In the automotive industry, high-speed cutting is used in various applications, from turbochargers to interior trim pieces. High-speed cutting helps automakers reduce production time while ensuring their cars meet stringent safety and reliability standards. 

-Construction companies also use high-speed cutting to make everything from window frames to doorways. Construction companies can reduce the time it takes to build a structure while increasing its durability and aesthetic appeal with this method. 

-Electrical contractors use high-speed cutting for wiring harnesses and circuit boards. High-speed cutting allows them to create intricate parts precisely, helping ensure their clients' systems operate safely and reliably. 

-Fastening manufacturers use high-speed cutting for nuts and bolts to rivets and screws. By using high-speed cutting, fastening manufacturers can create solid and secure parts, helping ensure their products' safety and reliability. 

-Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) also use high-speed cutting for engine components to transmission parts. They can reduce production time using high-speed cutting while ensuring their products meet stringent performance and quality standards. 

-Plumbing contractors use high-speed cutting for various applications, such as pipes, fixtures, and valves.

Most trusted High-Speed Demand Cutting at Thomas A

Thomas A. Caserta, Inc. provides advanced high-speed demand-cutting machines built with quality and safety as top priorities. The result is a highly efficient, reliable machine that can accommodate any business or manufacturing need that requires this type of machinery. 

It is our commitment to you to provide you with the best precision tooling systems on the market today and a customer service experience that satisfies your needs fully. That’s why if you’re in the market for an industrial cutting rubber device that gets the job done quickly and accurately. Contact us today and show us how we can help take your business to the next level with state-of-the-art performance-cutting solutions!