An Intro to Rubber Spacers for Holsters

Rubber washers are important components of many devices and systems. They are used for a variety of purposes.

For example, in holsters, they are commonly utilized as small spacers between other parts in the assembly. Below, we go more in-depth on this use case.

The Importance of Holsters

Among gun owners, holsters are the second most important piece of equipment. While the primary function of these devices is to house and hold the firearm, they can serve other purposes, such as:

  • Concealing the firearm. When you don’t want to advertise your firearm or are in a state without open carry laws, a holster is essential. Shoulder holsters or waistband holsters allow you to conceal the gun under a jacket.
  • Providing convenient access to the firearm. If you are going to carry a firearm, it needs to be convenient and accessible. A holster allows you to keep it close to you but easily reachable when you need quick access.
  • Ensuring firearm safety. A key concern with firearms is safety. Keeping your firearm in a holster prevents accidental firing or unauthorized access outside of a gun safe.
  • Reducing load needs. A holster provides a safe place to secure a loaded gun, eliminating the need to store ammo separately and load the gun before you use it.
  • Improving user comfort. Using a holster to carry your firearm is much more comfortable than carrying it in your waistband or pocket.

How Are Rubber Spacers Used in Holsters?

Many people overlook spacers when thinking about the components used in holsters. Since they do not have a visual impact, they are often forgotten. However, they have a significant impact on the performance of the holster. For example:

  • They give the holster the proper hardness balance and spacing between components needed to ensure the firearm is secure when reholstered.
  • They provide the right amount of clearance between the holster and mounting hardware to ensure they do not interfere with each other’s performance.
  • They increase the distance between the holster and the wearer’s body to improve access when wearing protective apparel or equipment.

Types of Spacers Used in Holsters

The three main types of rubber discs integrated into holsters are:

  • Black rubber spacers
  • 2-hole spacers
  • Rubber O-rings

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Rubber spacers are a vital component of firearm holsters. They greatly improve the functionality of the devices, ensuring they work reliably and fit comfortably.

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